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How to find out which keywords your website already ranks for

  1. Add your website to the Google Search Console
  2. (Add a sitemap to the Search Console – Generate for free in WordPress > Yoast)
  3. After a month, click on Performance
  4. Click the Position tile at the top then filter by Position

If you have added your website to the Search Console already:

  • Pick 1 page today that has a lot of impressions but not many clicks
  • (if you have more time, pick several)
  • Open the page on your website
  • Amend the title and page description (in WordPress – this is the snippet bit in YOAST)
  • Amend the headlines to include the keyword people searched for
  • Take a note of today’s postion, put a reminder in the diary for 30 days and check again.

Check out the little video below where I show you how you can see what you rank for:

10 Min SEO - which keywords does my website rank for

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