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Improve your homepage headline

Improve the very first bit of text a website visitor (and Google) sees on your website.

  1. Check your very first headline on your website (this is usually located on the header image, below the logo and the navigation.
  2. Does it clearly say what you do, where you do it and for whom?
  3. Does it use the H1 tag?
  4. Does it include keywords?
  5. Is this headline clearly visible – and the most dominant thing people see first – when they open your website on a mobile phone?

Look at the three mobile screenshots of 3 websites (the last one is my photography site). It’s not clear what the first two offer.

how to improve homepage headline

Good examples ✅

  • IT Support for small businesses in Edinburgh
  • Fairy tale wedding florist in North London
  • HR Consultancy for family-run businesses in Scotland
  • Hypnotherapist specialising in anxiety disorder


Bad examples ⛔️

  • Hey, great to see you and welcome to my website
  • We make change happen
  • Creating memories
  • Floral celebrations


Not so clear what they offer.

Not so clear what they offer.

Very clear what they do.

Motto for this week: Call a spade a spade 

What does your headline say now and what do you think it should say? Send me an email 📧 if you want to check it over 🙂 

Have a fabby week,

Nadin x

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