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Nadin Thomson

Nadin’s is a Certified Digital Marketing Expert. She’s been developing websites since 1999. Since the start, she has combined her website work with professional photography.

Early on in her business, she realised that the hardest part for her customers is to come up with the words that go on their websites. Many businesses struggle with what words to put online. Yet everyone is keen to be found in Google.

This has sparked her interest in SEO early on in her business.

Nadin works with businesses in the UK, Germany, and customers in the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Denmark and Spain.

Alongside her web design projects, Nadin now works as a website & SEO coach and loves helping business women in particular who set up their own website and are just a little bit scared of the technology. She has the patience of a saint and is only too happy to explain the requirements step by step so that her students can easily follow along.


Nadin Thomson, Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing, DMI Expert
Nadin Thomson, Certificate Advanced Google Analytics

University Degree in Business Studies & English

Ann-Maree Morrison, BCom, CA

Ann-Maree has been in ecommerce for over 16 years running the award winning SME online, She has worked on the 2012  Ecommerce Task Force for Europe for the UK Government and is Ecommerce Head for the W20 women’s advisory group to the G20 and a supporter of the Institute of Ecommerce in Scotland, whose Scaleup course is delivered by Strathclyde Business School.

She has a background in Management Consulting, Chartered Accounting, Investigations and Insolvency work and almost 20 years in online retailing actually “doing” what larger companies often outsource.

Ann-Maree says “What people want to know is how to do it and not pay an arm and a leg for the priviledge. They want the real raw truths about what will work and what won’t. They don’t want the wrong agency telling them what they should do and charging them for what is often the wrong advice. It’s important to understand which agencies are worth listening to, what you are doing inhouse and what you are outsourcing and monitoring the quality and return on what you are getting back. You wouldn’t outsource the painting in your house without picking the colour scheme. Is what you are being told correct? Could you do it yourself or are you better not to? How do you do it? How do you find the right developer, or decide the right layout, scheme or website platform? With thousands of connections in the industry I can help you with most ecommerce questions and if not then I can point you to a person who can. For me, it’s about giving back and not reinventing the wheel, helping others go online successfully and scale.”

Reasons to work with us

A digital marketing agency on tap

Usually marketing agencies work on bigger projects which have a bigger budget. Not everyone is ready for this step. On Koolya, you can ask Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Experts for help – at no extra cost!

Discuss your ideas in a safe environment

If you have an entrepreneurial brain, you will be used to 100s of ideas in your head – and never enough time to do them all. Some ideas are worth giving birth to, others might just be …. meh! You are in a safe place to discuss ideas with members and get early feedback.

Ask the experts

We will have regular online interviews with business experts where you can ask questions beforehand and during the interview.

Join a highly motivated group of people

Our members are all business owners and employees of businesses who want to learn more about the different aspects of digital marketing.

Learning by doing, and reading

We have an active business book club with lots of book recommendations around business, success and digital marketing.

Be accountable

If you’re in business and you’re the boss – who are you accountable to? We are running challenges regularly that push you beyond your boundaries and help your business grow online.