what is a good website conversion rate

What is a good website conversion rate? How to calculate it?

Find out about website conversion rates and use the calculator to find out what your conversion rate is.

how to add Google Analytics 4 to your website

How to set up Google Analytics 4

Find out if you already use GA4 and if not, how to install the new Google Analytics Version on your website.

how to get a business email address

How to get a business email address?

Do you use your personal gmail email address for your business? Maybe it’s time to upgrade and tell your customers you mean business!

how to get started with SEO - a simple guide (SEO - Search Engine Optimisation for beginners)

How to get started with SEO

In order to have a chance to rank in Google, you need to have a solid website foundation. Without it, Google might ignore or – worse even – penalise your website!

The ultimate guide to photos for your website

The ultimate guide to photographs for your website

Learn how to display product photos, how to take them (even with your phone) and how to optimise them for your website.

how to learn SEO step by Step online

Where can I learn SEO step-by-step online?

SEO is quite a complex subject and there are numerous courses available online – both free and paid.

Find out how you can learn SEO online and what the best options are for SEO beginners.

link building case study

Live Case Study Jan-Dec 2022

Watch me as I work on the Koolya.com website to improve SEO and rankings in Google.

I will let you know exactly what I am doing, when I am doing and what the results are. This page will be updated regularly to let you see the results after each month.

Check the screenshots from different tools and watch the progress.


Top 10 things you need on your website to appear like an established business

Improve these 10 things on your website to make it look more professional

Have you forgotten to include important elements that make your website look more professional?

Let’s go through them so you can amend your website includes all elements website visitors expect to see from an online business. 

Divi Training - where to learn Divi online

Where can I get Divi Training / Divi Theme Training?

Find out where to find the best Divi Training videos online and how to get the answers to your questions when you’re building your website with the popular Divi theme.

what to put on my homepage

How much time should I spend on my website every week

When was the last time you changed something on your website? Here are a few tasks for you which can help you keep on top of things with your website – based on how much time you have available.

how to choose a web hosting provider

Which website platform is best for SEO?

Does it really matter which website builder you use? Do they not all perform the same? Well, not quite…

I ran 1216 websites through Google and the results were really interesting…

what to put on my homepage

What should I put on my homepage?

Your homepage is not your welcome portal of your website. It has a hugely important job for your visitors and for Google alike. I have put the main elements of a homepage together in this informative blog post.

how to choose a web hosting provider

How to choose a web hosting provider

Choosing the right web hosting provider for your website is super important! We have put some information together what to look out for when signing up for web hosting.

top 10 reasons you need a website for your small business

The top 10 reasons you need a website for your business

…even though you’re running a successful business on social media! Are you not sure if you need a website? What about all the cost and the tech?

Find out about the top 10 reasons why you need a website and how to get started.

free vs paid email - what is the difference

Free vs paid email – what is the difference?

Learn about the different types of email accounts – free ones, Google Business Suite, POP3, IMAP or Exchange. Hopefully you will be able to decide which one is best for you and your business based on the advantages and disadvantages of each email offering.

why you need an SSL certificate for your wordpress website

How to get started with your own self-hosted WordPress website?

Wouldn’t it be great to have an easy-to-use website builder and just get going? Ideally, you want to plan a weekend without distractions (no kids, no social visits) and you concentrate on this website thing in one go.

price comparison wordpress vs website builders

Price comparison WordPress & well-known website builders

Website builders make their packages look incredibly attractive – by displaying monthly prices that are only applicable if paid for the full year. If you switch to monthly payment options, the prices almost double.

where should I write my blog posts

Are you still writing your blog articles directly in WordPress?

You can write your blog in any word processing software such as Pages on the Mac, Word on Windows or Google Docs. Find out the best option for copying your article structure (i.e. headlines, bullet points etc.) into WordPress.

why you should not have a slideshow on your website

The top 5 reasons you shouldn’t have a slideshow on your website

Every time I start work on a new website, many clients ask to have a slideshow. The client is always right, right? I want their website to be successful, attract customers and not bore people. So I explain why slideshows are bad.

how to endorse someone on LinkedIn

How to endorse someone on LinkedIn

Ednorsements are little business favours which you hand out to other people without being asked. Favours have the positive habit of being returned – either straight away or in the future. People will hopefully be alerted and remember you have endorsed them.

why you need an SSL certificate for your wordpress website

Why you need an SSL certificate for your website

So why do you need an SSL certificate? SSL certicicates can seem complicated and don’t get me wrong – they are! This is a very simplified guide on SSL certificates.