25 – Service Page

This week’s to-do list:

  1. Learn: How to structure your different service or product types on your website
  2. Task: Reorganise your service / product type section on your website so that each service / product has it’s own page

Step 1: Your Product / Service Overview Page

Quite often, small business websites show all their available services on one single page, the “service” or “products” page. However, Google really struggles with this as it cannot figure out what exactly your business is about. For example, if you offer Bookkeeping, VAT and Payroll Services, it’s so much easier to create one page with three columns and introduce the three services you offer. However, this is only the first step. Unfortunately, this is where it often stops and as a result, Google does not index or rank your website well for the different services.

By having all your products / product types / services on one single page, you’re watering down the message for Google. Google doesn’t see you as a “specialist” in all of these services.

Imagine you’re going to a bakery and they have one shelf with one bread, one piece of cake and one roll on display. This would be rather strange and you might assume that they are not a very good baker.

However, if you walk into the shop and you will see this:

  • a shelf with bread – different types of bread – all clearly labelled and priced incl. allergen information
  • a display of different cakes – clearly labelled and priced
  • a display with bread rolls – clearly labelled and priced

… you will have a much better impression of the shop.

The same applies to websites too.

If you only have a simple page with a little bit of info about each service you offer, you don’t demonstrate expertise in each type of service you offer.

You need to overview page – this includes an introduction to each service. But this is step 1.

Step 2: Create at least one sub page for each product (type) / service

After you’ve created the overview page, you need to create a single page for each product (type) and/or service type.

  • The sub pages need to contain expertise information about each product (type) and/or service!
  • Always think about the person looking for this product / service and mention them.
  • You need to talk about features, but more importantly about benefits!
  • Features: What the thing you sell consists of
  • Benefit: What does the thing you sell do for your customers
  • (see below graphic for examples of features and benefits).

features and benefits

Step 3: Include this on each service page

  1. Strong SEO Title, H1 and URL (the thing that people search for in Google)
  2. Short introductory text that includes a few keywords (repeating the H1 keywords!)
  3. Credibility – for example member of associations, awards, how long you’ve been in business, Google reviews
  4. Add a few questions you get asked ALL the time, answer them briefly and – if possible and necessary – link to the respective blog post that answers these questions.
  5. Testimonials
  6. Clean graphics and/or professional photos that support the product / service
  7. Good text that focuses on your website visitor and not on you (i.e. don’t write “we are experts in bla bla”)
  8. Call to action – what you want them to do next
  9. Possibly a contact form so they don’t have to click anywhere but can enquire / buy straight away.

Check out the page on my photography website about planning a secret proposal in Edinburgh. It answers all the questions I get asked repeatedly.

Why do all this?

People want to know if you’re an expert and if you’re trustworthy. Your website visitors can only judge by what they see on your website. If they find the answers to the questions before they even ask them, they will keep on reading and eventually enquire.

The more targeted and focused your service page is, the fewer website customers you need to convert them into leads / enquiries / customers.

Keep your service page updated all the time. Every time someone asks a question, add this to your service page for this particular service and answer the question. Your website visitors will think you’re a mind reader! 🙂

Post a link to your service page in the Facebook group for feedback! Can’t wait to see your updated page.