27 – Google Featured Snippets

This week, you will learn all about Google Featured Snippets.

What is a Google Featured Snippet?


In the first example, this particular blog post receives almost 30% of all website visitors to the website.

How can you achieve a featured snippet in Google?

1. Your website already needs to be on the first page in Google for a particular question

  • If you’ve followed the course and added blog posts about very specific subjects to your website, they should start to shop up in Google by now.
  • If your blog post is displayed on page 1 in Google, you have a good chance to achieve a featured snippet.

2. How to find out which blog post is on page 1 in Google

3. What questions do people ask in Google around this subject?

Task for this week

Check your website’s navigation and improve it going through the steps above. This is an easy and quick way to amend your website and it can have a positive impact on your SEO and conversions.