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Looking for answers to your ecommerce questions? Dedicated to encouraging and supporting online retailers to develop ecommerce expertise and upscale. The aim is to build ecommerce knowledge and collaborations through information sharing, market insight, networking and events to bring the industry together to develop best practice for an omni-channel future.

The club is ran by Ann-Maree Morrison and supported by Dr Lesley Macdonald (marketing strategist, communications expert and educator). Ann-Maree Morrison is the multi-award winning entrepreneur, business coach and ecommerce expert behind and and co-founder of Koolya with Nadin Thomson. She has ran the club for around 10 years as a monthly meet up. Due to Covid19 we have gone online and even international contacts are now joining in the discussions.

We are promoted by the following supporters: STEP, Ceteris, Codebase, Stirling Council, Clackmannanshire Council, Falkirk Council, BID Stirling. Digital Boost, the Institute of Ecommerce, and other intereted parties who want to see your business grow. Although this is currently Forth Valley based it is open to anyone, including students who would like to learn more and build their networks.

To get the most from our events come along with a problem (or a list of questions) that you would like resolved. Any private discussions can be followed up offline and Chatham House rules apply so anything discussed about your business during meetings is confidential to attendees.

Ecommerce and Etsy with Bohemian Design

Speaker: Jenny Lockton of Bohemian Design

Date: Tues 7th June, 2022
Time: 9.30 AM – 10.45 AM

On Microsoft Teams. Jenny’s life has been dedicated to working with artists and craftspeople. Over the past 35 years she has run her business in Edinburgh out of an increasing interest to share the cultural highlights of working collaboratively on textile designs with Moroccan artisans.

Her story began in Edinburgh in the 1980’s with a picture framing business called the Blackadder Gallery in Inverleith Row followed by a gallery in Stockbridge under the same name. After many years in retail and shops in Broughton Street, Dundas Street, Morningside and Marchmont her current business, Bohemia, moved entirely online.

Jenny will update us on the ups and downs, tips and takeaways from running a successful ecommerce business in Edinburgh for decades. Jenny knows all there is to know about Etsy and running an online business. If you haven’t heard Jenny’s story this one is for you!

Social Media Influencers by a specialist, including in TikTok

Speaker: Lara Mowforth of Hoozu, Sydney, Australia

Date: Tues 10th May, 2022
Time: 9.30 AM – 10.45 AM

Lara is Head of Creative Strategy at one of Australia’s best known social media influencer companies. She managers a strong team of influencers and works for a number of large brands e.g. HelloFresh, Colegate, Xero etc. She will talk about industry trends, costs, ROI, etc. They have recently implemented some hugely successful campaigns on TikTok. The company is called Hoozu (

Embedding Sustainability into your website

Speakers: Luisa Caprotti of Whiteready and Pete Mowforth of INDEZ

Date: Tuesday 1st March, 2022

Time: 9.30am –  10.45am

Luisa Caprotti has embedded Sustainability into your Whiteready website and shows us what she has done, explaining why this is so important and how easy it is to do. Pete Mowforth of INDEZ will give tips on how you can embed sustainability into your site with examples of the work done at his agency with some large ecommerce clients.

With sustainability so important this should be an interesting meeting. Bring along your questions to help your site improve it’s green credentials.

Tips on building a successful ecommerce site by Mark McKenzie

Speaker: Mark McKenzie, Technical Director of Guitarguitar

Date: Tues 1st February, 2022
Time: 9.30am – 10.45am

Mark McKenzie, a very busy Technical Director of Guitarguitar, is a highly experienced ecommerce director who now heads a great team at the UK’s largest guitar retailer. Mark will update you on the history of Guitarguitar from inception to where it now stands with 7 stores in the UK and a massively successful online presence. We will have a q and a format conversation with Mark on the main challenges and recommendations for anyone with an online site. Hear what the future holds for Guitarguitar and what areas you could address for your site to be as successful. Bring along those questions! Meetings are not recorded and no one will share your issues outside of meetings with others. An opportunity not to miss!

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