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How to endorse someone on LinkedIn and why?

Written by Nadin Thomson

Feb 2021

how to endorse someone on LinkedIn

Why should you endorse someone on LinkedIn?

This video shows how to endorse a member of your network on LinkedIn.

Ednorsements are little business favours which you hand out to other people without being asked. Favours have the positive habit of being returned – either straight away or in the future. People will hopefully be alerted and remember you have endorsed them.

LinkedIn is a business platform and a lot of people and businesses use it to find people and services that they require to run their own business.

When you click on your own profile page, you will find a section called “Skills and Endorsements”. This is where those endorsements are listed and added up. 

So how do you endorse someone on LinkedIn?

  • Enter a person’s you are connected with in the search box.
  • Scroll down until you see the  “Skills and Endorsements” box.
  • Select a skill you would like to endorse them for.
  • Select the level you think they have in this special area.
  • You can also select how you have worked with them and then submit the endorsement.

And that’s it. But remember – only endorse them for services that you know they can do well.

If you endorse one service per person per week, you will leave a lovely thread of positive vibes across the LinkedIn Platform and people will remember you for being nice and for what you and the company you work for offer.  

Nadin Thomson

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