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Are you using the right keywords on your website?

I had used the word “proposal photographer” on my website all the time, but then I asked my clients what they searched for in Google and they were looking for “engagement photographer” and “secret engagement photographer”.

Oops! I changed it immediately, and my page is ranking even better!

Sometimes we use words totally naturally but it might not be what people use in Google to find your product or service.

Also, people might look for the problem your product solves rather than the product itself.

Watch the little 2 minute video below explaining it all. 

are you using the right keywords on your website - 10 minute SEO

3 easy ways to find keywords people use

1️⃣ Your Customers

Ask your clients what they would enter in Google to find your business. Don’t prompt them or suggest anything. Ask an open question.

2️⃣ Chrome Extension

Download and install the Chrome Browser Extension “Keywords Everywhere” and activate it. This will show additional keywords when you perform a search in Google (only works in the Chrome Browser).

    3️⃣ Google

    Google tells you on the search page under “People also asked” (half way down the page) and “Related Searches” at the bottom of the page.

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