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How to get a business email address?

Should you stop using your Gmail Email address for business?

Written by Nadin Thomson

9 Sep 2022

how to get a business email address

Why it’s time to ditch your personal gmail account for a business email address…

(such as lisa@lifecoaching.com)

  • Do you use your personal gmail email address for your business?
  • Does your email address look like this: mybusiness@gmail.com
  • Maybe it’s time to upgrade and tell your customers you mean business!

Gmail benefits

  • Free
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to add to the phone and your pc/laptop
  • Easy to use on gmail.com
  • Oh, and yes, did I mention free?

Gmail disadvantages

  • Doesn’t look professional
  • Your potential customers might make assumptions about your business (one-man band? Not experienced? No internet security? Can’t afford a proper email address?)

You have no domain name & no website:

  1. Buy a domain name from a reputable registrar such as namecheap.com or 123-reg.co.uk
  2. Buy an email account from the same company
  3. Annual cost incl. the domain name: approx. $30-$50

(avoid buying domains from GoDaddy or Wix or WordPress.com, this avoids future headaches)

You own a domain name, but have no website yet:

  1. you can buy a Microsoft 365 email address for your domain (such as lisa@lifecoaching.com) (costs approx. $6 per month)
  2. you can buy a POP email address for as little as $10/year from the company where you registered your domain (if they offer this)

You own a domain name and you have a website:

  • Check with your hosting company – many let you set up at least one POP email address for free (in many cases, POP email addresses are included free)
  • Many hosting companies offer a Microsoft 365 email package and will set it up for you (for a fee)
  • Speak to an IT company and ask them to set up a Microsoft 365 email address for you (one-off setup cost < $100)

Microsoft 365 vs POP

Microsoft 365 email accounts are meant for business, each email account has 50 GB storage, your emails sync seamlessly between different devices, it has additional security too

POP email accounts are linked to your hosting – if your website is down – usually your email doens’t work either, they sometimes don’t sync well.

Is an email address really that important?

It’s a signal to your customers

  • A business email address is a subtle yet important signal to your potential customers that you mean business.
  • If a potential customer needs to choose between different suppliers, they might go for the one that looks more professional.
How can I get a business email address?
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