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How to set up Google Analytics 4 on your website and why you need to do this now

Written by Nadin Thomson

11 Nov 2022

how to add Google Analytics 4 to your website

When you open Google Analytics, you may have noticed this light-blue bar at the top:

Google Analytics Update


Furthermore, you may have had an email from Google reminding you they’re “sunsetting” Universal Analytics. This means that the older Google Analytics Version will no longer work after 1 July 2023.

Here’s what they email looks like.

If you’re checking your Google Analytics often, here’s what to do:

  1. Keep your existing Universal Analytics Running and installed on your website
  2. Set up a new additional Google Analytics Account and make sure to use GA4 (version 4).
  3. Add the additional GA code to your website.

Your website will then collect visitor information in both the old Google Analytics Version and in the new GA4 version.

You want to install the new version now so that you have some historic date to look back to once the older version is no longer available.

It will also give you some time to get used to the new GA4 version.

Make sure you don’t remove the Universal Analytics! You want to collect data using both systems until July 2023.

How do I know which version of Google Analytics I currently use?

You can easily find out. Simply open Google Analytics, and check if it shows the blue bar at the top. This is the first indicator.

You can also check the following two screenshots. The one on the left is what Universal Analytics looks like and on the right is Version 4. The menu looks totally different. 

The old Universal Analytics version

The new Google Analytics Version 4


How to add Google Analytics 4 Code to your website (and where to find it)

Google Analytics 4 looks different to what you’re used to in Universal Analytics. It takes a bit of getting used to. In this video, you will find out where to find the code you need to add to your website. 

Make sure to keep Universal Analytics running for the time being. 

The following video shows how to add the GA4 code to your WordPress website.

For other platforms, please follow the links:

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