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How to use ALT tags to improve your SEO

What is an ALT tag?

ALT stands for ALTERNATIVE text for a picture on your website.

What to put in the ALT tag

The golden rule: Describe what’s in the photo, make sure it’s relevant to the page and make sure it’s unique.

For example:

A photo of a new born baby could have the following ALT tag: “New born baby held in dad’s arm by Edinburgh Baby photographer”. The ALT tag describes what’s in the image, but also includes the keywords “Edinburgh baby photographer”.

10 Min SEO how to use ALT tags to improve your SEO

Why are ALT tags important for SEO?

A third (!!!) of all searches on Google are image searches.

Imagine you’re looking for “burgundy acrylic wool”.

You enter this in Google and then click the image tab, and voila – images of burgundy wool are displayed.

Without the ALT tag, your images won’t be displayed high in the results because search engines need to figure out what’s in the picture.

Good examples:

  • “A business coach in Manchester is talking to a small business owner”
  • “A product package of reusable nappies sold in the UK”
  • “Organic dog food produced by UK manufacturer displayed in home surroundings”

Bad examples (keywords only):

  • Business Coach Manchester
  • Reusable nappies UK
  • Organic dog food UK
This week’s task: Add a short description and possibly some keywords to your images.

What are your ALT tags like? Hit reply and let me know.

Have a fabby week!!

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