Your digital marketing support network

What is Koolya?

We are an exclusive membership community managed by Nadin Thomson, Director of Business Image.

Koolya aims to:

  • speed up your learning in many different sub sections of digital marketing
  • bring aspiring business people together on one platform who really want to learn about digital marketing and strive to grow their business
  • find the best online and offline resources not only for digital marketing success, but for business in general
  • support business owners like you to make sense of the ever-changing digital marketing world

What is included in the membership

Professional online courses that will open your eyes – and you will learn from your peers who have encountered the same situations.

We are a friendly and active group of people who believe in business growth by supporting each other.

This is not a business networking group, however, if you decide to work with each other – that’s a positive side effect!

Online courses

Our course library is growing every week. Many businesses have the same questions and the library is driven by your business challenges.

Video Tutorials

There are lots of video tutorials about different digital marketing tools.

Meet like-minded people

Join the community of small business owners and e-commerce business owners and exchange ideas.

New content every week

New courses are added every week. As the community evolves, it will become apparent what questions are the most burning. Courses are added according to the challenges businesses are facing at the time.

Online Platform

We use our own advert-free online platform which runs on our own servers and is not monitored by any third party.

Regular challenges

We run regular challenges to keep the momentum going amongst our members and push for success.

Reasons to join Koolya

A digital marketing agency on tap

Usually marketing agencies work on bigger projects which have a bigger budget. Not everyone is ready for this step. On Koolya, you can ask Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Experts for help – at no extra cost!

Discuss your ideas in a safe environment

If you have an entrepreneurial brain, you will be used to 100s of ideas in your head – and never enough time to do them all. Some ideas are worth giving birth to, others might just be …. meh! You are in a safe place to discuss ideas with members and get early feedback.

Ask the experts

We will have regular online interviews with business experts where you can ask questions beforehand and during the interview.

Join a highly motivated group of people

Our members are all business owners and employees of businesses who want to learn more about the different aspects of digital marketing.

Learning by doing, and reading

We have an active business book club with lots of book recommendations around business, success and digital marketing.

Be accountable

If you’re in business and you’re the boss – who are you accountable to? We are running challenges regularly that push you beyond your boundaries and help your business grow online.

Free Courses

We will be offering a range of free introductory courses to get you started.


Membership is from £395 per year.