Website Review



  • Video with an explanation where you can improve your website.
  • The video is usually 10-15 minutes long for pages and substantially longer for the whole website.
  • You have the option to buy a to-do list PDF which will give you a precise plan on how to improve your website (example here).
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Homepage | About page review

  • 10-15 min video where I review your website and provide and explanation on the sections that can be improved and how.
  • You will immediately know what to do to make your website more accessible and attract more visitors and make them stay on your website longer.

Product page review

  • 10-15 min video of your shopping cart / product pages.
  • I will look at the information you provided in general (on several product pages) and provide guidance on how to improve it
  • This review will help you improve your product pages on your website which will then lead to more sales.

Website review

  • 30+ min video about the different pages on your website.
  • I will pinpoint areas that need to be improved.

All reviews contain SEO advice

  • I will provide your domain rating, number of backlinks and a general overview

Check out this sample review to-do list so you can see what to expect.

How quickly will I receive my website review?

Depending on our workload, you would normally receive your review within 3 business days. You will receive an email with a link to the video (and to-do list if you ordered it).


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