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Any of this sound familiar?

You've built your own website, spent hours on your content, but it's not ranking in Google.

You've written blog posts, but still there are no visitors to your website.

You've tried to learn SEO and optimised your website for ages, but it's simply not ranking in Google!

You're getting visitors to your website, but they're not enquiring or buying from you.

You're struggling to stay on top of the seemingly endless list of things you need to do in your business and you don't enjoy having to update your website all the time.

If you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to several of these questions, you know what a minefield SEO can be!

That’s what inspired us to build the SEO Club

We’ve seen so many amazing businesses – just like yours – who offer great services and wonderful products. But they feel stuck and frustrated that their website does not have any visitors and doesn’t get any sales or enquiries.


You don't have time to sit through lengthy and geeky SEO courses

You don't have the patience to watch overly geeky videos that don't explain why you should do something (or why not)

You're skeptical of overpriced courses with big promises that might not get you any more website visitors...

Thankfully, that’s a thing of the past now!

Introducing the SEO Club by Koolya

The SEO Club is a training community for business owners who’ve built their own website.

It’s a membership where you learn about SEO but without the time commitment.

Know exactly what to do – step by step – and how to do it.

Learn about ALL aspects of SEO, website user friendliness, what users want and expect, what Google wants and expects – in super short and simple weekly lessons.

Imagine you put £25 into a savings account every week. At the end of the year, you’d have £1,300! Beach holiday anyone? 🏝

The same applies to SEO. Imagine putting in 30 mins – 1 hour every week. In a year’s time, you will have spent between 30 and 50 hours improving your website.

Not only will Google love your website more, but your visitors too!

And the coolest thing is: your competition is probably not doing it 🙂


The weekly steps are a really good idea – as a subject and a never ending item on the to-do list, it is really helpful and much less intimidating to have it broken down into manageable sized pieces.

Philippa, Bloom Puzzles, UK

The SEO Club will help you to:

Turn your website into a visitor magnet that generates enquiries and sales and finally gives you more time for your family.

Get your website noticed by Google and attract the right customers to your business.

Finally get to grips with the techie side without ever being geeksplained again – saving you hours of frustration.

Eliminate the guesswork and stop trying out the latest SEO hacks in the hope that something will finally work.

Chat with like-minded business owners and experts from around the world who are there to support one another.

Become confident in your website structure and content so that you have more time to focus on what’s important.

What makes the SEO Club different?

Ask The Experts

Tap into our 17+ years’ experience in the industry (web design, Ecommerce and SEO).

We Walk The Talk

We don’t teach theory, we only teach what works and what we’ve tried and tested ourselves.

Member Support

Connect with other members who are in the same boat and have the same questions as you.

We Love Data

Without data, SEO is a guessing game and a waste of time. We teach you what data can move the needle to be successful in Google.

No Geeky Stuff

SEO can be super techie, but we remove this element and explain things in easy-to-understand mini tutorials.

Nadin Thomson

Keeping It Real

If you have a question – email Nadin directly. No question is too basic. We’ve all started somewhere.

Who’s behind the SEO Club?

Hi, I’m Nadin Thomson – a multi-passionate entrepreneur. I’ve spent the last 17 years working as a web designer and photographer.

I have developed well over 300 websites for businesses in the UK and several countries in Europe in a diverse range of industries – both business-to-business as well as business-to-consumer.

I also worked as a wedding photographer in Scotland for 15 years!

Over the years, I have coached many business owners to improve their underperforming websites and climb up the ranks in Google.

Koolya and the SEO Club has been a natural development – something I’ve been meaning to do for years – helping other business owners achieve Google and business success!


If you are a solo entrenpeur with a tiny budget like me, you want to check out what Nadin has to offer you.

She has so much knowledge about SEO and Web design, yet so humble and approachable. She made it possible for someone like me with zero web design knowledge to learn and build my website.

I joined her SEO Club, and she used simple ‘normal’ language to explain complicated subjects. It will save you days if not weeks on any subject matter.

Lu Cai, Image Consultant, Netherlands

Help at every stage

I've just launched my website and don't know where to start

You just finished building your website and now want to learn how to get your website to rank in Google.

Instead of spending hours geeking out over SEO courses, you want to get bite-sized step-by-step short and sharp instructions of what to do and how.

Learn along, complete the tasks – imagine where your website will be in a year’s time!

I've had my website for a while and want to improve SEO

You already know a bit about SEO or would like to take a refresher and improve your website: the bite-sized lessons will help you improve your website step by step.

Our directory will also help you with link building and getting in front of other audiences.  

All Annual club members get access to:

One weekly short SEO lesson – for a full year!

SEO is not something you can do in a weekend. SEO needs to be done regularly and consistently.

We want to remove geek-overwhelm and you don’t want to spend many hours every week learning and implementing techie things.

Learn SEO in a structured way – step by step – in short weekly lessons.

A genuinely supportive Facebook group of people!

Join our SEO Club Facebook group to chat with other members and get help with your website.

Nadin and Ann-Maree are both admins and happy to help with questions.

Regular Live Q&As with Nadin

Do you need advice or feedback about a specific question? We hold 2 live Q&A calls every month.

Additionally, most weeks have two SEO Club Coffee Drop ins during the day. Join the Zoom, ask your question and get an answer straight away!

Ask your SEO and website related questions. The Q&As can also be watched later if you cannot join live.

Bitesize Courses

Time is precious and learning SEO in one go is hugely time-consuming.

Our membership is aimed at (mostly) women who have built their own website and want to improve their SEO and be found in Google.

Video lessons will never be longer than 5-8 minutes.

15-30 minute Weekly Action

SEO can seem super complicated and you don’t want to sit through a 4 week course and learn everything from scratch.

As a member, we will coach you along and you will learn and pick up SEO knowledge and skills as you go along.

We will send you a new SEO task every Monday morning. We will explain exactly what you should do, where on your website and how to do it.

SEO is like depositing a regular amount of money into a savings account. To start with, it’s pretty empty, but quickly everything accumulates and success will follow.

Checklists & Cheatsheets

Every task can contain one or several of the following:

  • PDF to-do lists
  • Spreadsheet templates
  • Workbooks
  • Videos

Keyword Research – Done for you!

Professional SEO experts use costly professional software to find key phrases which have a high search volume, which matches your domain authority and which your competition may have overlooked.

We really want you to succeed. With our membership, we will do keyword research for you.

Join our Member Directory

After a few months, you will have learnt the foundations of SEO and you will realise that link building is a very important part of it.

You then have the option to join our member directory which will allow you to connect with other members and exchange links, people who offer and/or accept guest blog posts, members looking for podcast speakers etc. 

All of this and much more only available to our SEO Club members 

Real people, real SEO success

Nadin helped me so much with my SEO! Her knowledge is amazing and I really enjoy learning from her. Her calm demeanor helped to embrace SEO- highly recommended! Christiane, California

Christiane, Wellness Coach, California

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