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to help business owners who’ve built their own website

SEO & Website Coach - The SEO Club by Nadin Thomson
learn SEO Online Course

Koolya is run by Nadin Thomson, who teaches SEO to business owners who've built their own website

As a member of the SEO Club, you will receive one lesson per week for one year (50 lessons).

Each lesson is short and explains an aspect of SEO. It also contains an action for you to complete every week.

Bitesized lessons for busy business owners

Can you provide SEO?

Koolya is not an SEO agency. Koolya is part of Business Image Services Ltd in the UK which provides Web Design & SEO Services.

The SEO Club was created to help many business owners who’ve built their own website to learn SEO, so they can improve their online presence.

Having SEO “done for you” can be very costly and vary from agency to agency. Our packages start at £500 per month with a minimum 6-month contract.

Is your course geeky?

SEO can come across as very technical and can seem scary – yet another thing to learn.

However, I keep all lessons super simple. If you have any questions, you can email me directly or ask a question in the Facebook Group.

SEO efforts take time to have an impact – especially when you do the work yourself.

The SEO Club is aimed at business owners who want to understand SEO and keep on working on their own website.

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