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SEO & Website Coach - The SEO Club by Nadin Thomson
Learn SEO - Beginners Online Course with SEO Roadmap

You've tried to learn SEO, but there's so much out there it's hard to know where to start

You've built your own website, spent hours on your content, but it's not ranking in Google

You're getting visitors to your website, but they're not enquiring or buying from you

Learn SEO online and start improving your website today!

Stop the overwhelm

Big businesses spend tens of thousands of ££ (some spend £100K+!!) to have their website developed and optimised.

When you run your own business, the budget is likely to be in the £100s rather than the £1000s.

Do you still have a chance to be found online?

SEO roadmap

When you’re in business on your own, you do EVERYTHING. On top of that, you’re the chief web designer too!

There’s simply too much to learn and do so it’s easier to play the avoidance game and just hope for the best. However, this can be super frustrating, especially if no-one can find your website…

Get results

Have you found yourself reading about SEO online and you realised it’s simply way too much to know?

There are so many different aspects of Search Engine Optimisation, and most of it is explained way too geeky!

With a bit of guidance and following a step-by-step roadmap, your website has the best chance to be discovered online! Check out how I am working on this website in the live case study

SEO Club – What a treat!

I have to admit, I was hesitant at first. SEO is such a specific topic and the so called “experts” just use the word endlessly without actually explaining things.

I thought I had a good basic knowledge of SEO already, but with each short lesson (only 15-30min with homework – NO OVERWHELM) I realised how the content is not everything and SEO is a lot more complex but logical system we can all learn with the right teacher.

After each lesson I was so happy and felt more confident. Needless to say that the price of this course is incredible low for what it is. Get in the Club while you can!

Dora, Web Designer in Manchester

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